Harry Potter Hufflepuff Guided Journal : Loyalty

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Discover the loyalty of your inner Hufflepuff with this official, year-long guided journal inspired by the beloved Harry Potter films.

In the Harry Potter films, students sorted into the house of Hufflepuff are known for their kindness and loyalty. Now, fans of the iconic film series can embrace their inner Hufflepuff with this deluxe guided journal.

Featuring classic Hufflepuff iconography, this year-long journal includes a mixture of one-line-a-day activities, lists and free-writing prompts to help fans tap into and develop the key trait that makes Hufflepuffs so special: their loyalty. With film quotes from famous Hufflepuffs throughout and prompts and activities inspired by key scenes from the movies, this thoughtful journal offers Harry Potter fans a space for self-reflection, evaluation and empowerment inspired by the movies they love.

Yayınevi : Templar Publishing
Yazar : Kolektif
Barkod : 9781787419582
Boyut : 15x23
Sayfa Sayısı : 224
Cilt Tipi : Ciltli
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