Koca Sinan Paşa`nın Telhisleri

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The Telhis were outlines, written by Ottoman viziers, of documents on matters to be submitted to the consideration and decision of the Sultan. These outlines are important because they constitute original references pertaining to various subjects of interest to researchers on the administrative and political history of the Ottoman period. The Telhis registers kept in the Ottoman Archives in Istanbul comprise a collection of those that were written by Grand VizierSinan Pasha,aprominent figureof16th century. Heisknown for his remarkablepolitical career, havingbeen appointedvizier fivetimesover morethan seven years. Alsoremarkable was his militarycareer markedbysuccesses – as theconquerorofYemen andofTunisia – andalsobyfailures. He left numerous writings that are particularly important for historians who study the period of his functions. Prof. Dr. Halil Sahillioğlu, an authoritative scholar in Ottoman history and studies on the Ottoman archives, has prepared for publication Sinan Pasha’s Telhis that are found in the libraries and museums of Istanbul. The book is supplemented with indexes.

Yayınevi : IRCICA
Yazar : Halil Sahillioğlu
Barkod : 9789290631392
Boyut : 17x25
Sayfa Sayısı : 340
Cilt Tipi : Ciltsiz
Kağıt Cinsi : 2. Hamur
Basım Yılı : 2004
Cep Boy : Hayır
2. Hamur


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