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  • “Do we ever get what we really want? Do we ever achieve what our powers have ostensibly equipped us for? No: everything works by contraries.”

    Gogol, which is one of the most important sources for understanding people and getting closer to the Russian society, has also been the inspiration for many literati. While we find the reflections of individual delusions and schizophrenic thoughts in The Diary of a Madman, we get even closer to understanding the inner world of man. You will find many details from our existence while watching Gogol's clever approach to literature in your book.

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    Basım Tarihi : Ağustos 2020
    Basım Yeri : Türkiye
    Basim Dili : İngilizce
    Boyutlar : 12.5 x 19.5 cm
    Cilt Durumu : Ciltsiz
    Kağıt Tipi : 2. Hamur
    Sayfa Sayısı : 47
    Barkod : 9786257026529

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    Nikolay Vasilyeviç Gogol

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