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Talks To Teachers On Psychology And To Students On

William James

Platanus Publishing

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  • “In 1892 I was asked by the Harvard Corporation to give a few public lectures on psychology to the Cambridge teac­a teac­hers. The talks now printed form the substance of that course, hers. which has since then been delivered at various places to vari­which vari­ous teacher-audiences. I have found by experience that what ous my hearers seem least to relish is analytical technicality, and what they most care for is concrete practical application. So I have gradually weeded out the former, and left the latter unreduced; and now, that I have at last written out the lec­unreduced; lec­tures, they contain a minimum of what is deemed ‘scientific’ tures, in psychology, and are practical and popular in the extreme.”

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    William James

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