Zoonomia; Or, The Laws Of Organic Life, Vol. 1

Erasmus Darwin

Platanus Publishing

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“The whole of nature may be supposed to consist of two essences or substances; one of which may be termed spirit, and the other matter. The former of these possesses the power to commence or produce motion, and the latter to receive and communicate it. So that motion, considered as a cause, immediately precedes ever y effect; and, considered as an effect, it immediately succeeds ever y cause. The Motions Of Matter may be divided into two kinds, primar y and secondar y. The secondar y motions are those, which are given to or received from other matter in motion. Their laws have been successfully investigated by philosophers in their treatises on mechanic powers. These motions are distinguished by this circumstance, that the velocity multiplied into the quantity of matter of the body acted upon is equal to the velocity multiplied into the quantity of matter of the acting body.”


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