Political Survival of Autocratic Regimes in MENA

Deniz Güvercin

Gece Kitaplığı

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This book is primarily intended to introduce students of political economy and political science the inner dynamics of autocratic regimes in MENA and the survival strategies they adopted. The book is also intended as a bridge for students of political economy, and political science between the applied game theory and political science.
First, the book introduces the political and social realms in MENA countries in particular in Morocco, Jordan, and Syria, Iraq for the specific period. Second, the book focuses on the major civil society actors and the autocratic regimes and their strategic interrelations. The game theory is used to model the strategic interaction between major actors in the political realm where the equilibrium outcomes representing particular political equilibrium mapped to certain autocratic regimes valid in Morocco, Jordan, Syria, or Iraq for the specific period.
The book by covering the literature on the MENA autocratic regimes provides invaluable information about economic, social ,and political relations valid in MENA for a particular period which would be very helpful for political economy and political science studying the political economy of state policies under different economic, political ,and social orders.


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