Insight Turkey Vol:20 No:2

The Gulf On The Verge


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Insight Turkey has just published its special focused on Gulf affairs. The articles of this issue analyze the disputes in the Gulf, disagreements within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the existing conflicts in the region.

In this issue Özden Zeynep Oktay, Ufuk Ulutaş and Burhanettin Duran, Kristian Coates Ulrishsen and Marwan Kabalan’s articles focus on the recent Qatar crisis. By tackling on different aspects of the crisis, authors discuss the actors, causes and its possible results, and at the same time how Turkey-Gulf countries relations are affected by the crisis.

May Darwich, Emad Kaddorah, Simon Mabon and İsmail Numan Telci and Tuba Öztürk Horoz’s articles focus on the rising dispute between Saudi Arabia and Iran. In light of this, the authors examine the proxy war in Yemen, sectarianism, the rise of MbS and UAE’s ambitious foreign policy in the region, respectively.

Lastly, this issue comprises some off-topics articles. Osama Anter Hamdi provides a comprehensive analysis on how the American foreign policy on the Palestine-Israel issue has changed over the years. Mehmet Aki Kireçci studies Turkey’s initiatives in the Jerusalem crisis. Farhad Razaei, İmran Demir and İbrahim Khatib and Asad Ghanem discuss the regional influence and foreign policy of Iran which is one of the most important actors in the region.

We hope that our readers will find this issue informative and constructive!


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